Our Mission

ACET-VEEDA is the organization of spouses  and partners of transferable FDFA employees in the consular, diplomatic, development and general and special services careers. We support all members (Swiss and non-Swiss, men and women, employed and unemployed spouses/partners) in managing the unique challenges posed by regular international transfers. 
ACET-VEEDA provides a supportive network and represents members’ interests and concerns to the FDFA, allowing their voices to be heard and their needs addressed.


or contact us at: info@acet-veeda.ch


Save the Date

5. September 2017
Wine knowledge and tasting I
Muensterkellerei, Bern

12. September 2017
Wine knowledge and tasting II
Muensterkellerei, Bern

14. September 2107
Welcome back to Switzerland Get-together, Bern

30. October 2017
Style up, Fashion, Style, Make up, Photography

27. November 2017
Ziebelemaerit Lunch, Bern

11. January 2018
30 - Year jubilee New Years Aperitif, Bern