The Emergency Fund for Accompanying Persons
This is one of the exclusive benefits as a ACET-VEEDA member.


«My partner of many years died unexpectedly during our assignment on a post. We had a joint bank account with one of the major Swiss banks.

I had full entitlement to the account and did all of our payments. We, as well, had a testament stipulating all the details.

I was told that our joint bank account would be frozen until the will was processed and inheritance claims were cleared. I was not prepared for this and a lot of extra costs had been accumulating due to my partner’s death (funeral in Switzerland, last minute travel arrangements in Switzerland, hotels, rental car, day to day life, etc. etc).

Whilst we had money in our accounts and we both had life insurance, I could not access the funds. I had no more access to our joint account, our credit cards had been stopped, and debit cards where blocked.

The security of an emergency fund and a simple and quick payment would have helped me a lot.»


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