My Journey has always led me to worlds that were opposites apart: mountains and valleys, cities and rural settings, farmhouse kitchens and diplomat’s residencies. To me, living means being on the road – both literally and figuratively.

Being on the road is easy when you know where you’re at home. I can help you calibrate your inner compass to your goals so that you’ll be able to make authentic decisions and act according to your true self – even in challenging and unfamiliar environments or situations. This strong belief informs my work as solution-oriented coach.

I offer coaching for…

…men living new family and life models

…families in the diplomatic and consular services

…expat families – before, during, and after their time aborad

…families facing substantial changes in the their living situations

…career mothers

…women struggling to meet the multiple demands of works and family life

…(strong) parents surviving the vagaries of daily life

…testosterone-laden young men